Jaco Pieterse the Hypnotist

Welcome to my website

Hello there and welcome,my name is Jaco Pieterse and I’m a hypnotist based in Centurion.

As you listen to my voice, and my words enter your perception of reality, you might find it interesting to notice, that as you become aware of your breathing now, you become even more curious about hypnosis.

Your curiosity might lead you to the section on my site that is all about personal change, or maybe to the section about entertainment, or maybe you’re just curious to learn more about this fascinating field, ever which way I may very well be able to help feed your curiosity in a fun and professional way.

Go ahead and explore my site. Feel free to contact me should you have any questions or would like to work with me.

"Hypnosis is the manipulation of our perception of reality"
Jaco Pieterse
Jaco Pieterse - Hypnotherapy


Hypnotherapy is the art of hypnosis being used in a therapeutic practice to help clients with self improvement, changing unwanted behaviours or resolving an issue.

Jaco Pieterse - Entertainment Hypnosis


Add a hypnosis demonstration or show to your event and transform it into something extraordinary, mysterious and special.

Jaco Pieterse - Self Hypnosis Training

Self Hypnosis Training

Hypnosis is not limited to the stage hypnotist or the hypnotherapist, anyone can learn and use this valuable tool to create profound changes.

In my spare time I do experiments with hypnosis and really stretch the boundaries of reality, for example I do eyesight improvement experimentation with hypnosis. If you are interested to see how far hypnosis can go, subscribe to my newsletter below.