Self Hypnosis Training

Self Hypnosis Training

Self Hypnosis
One of my favourite books on the subject:

Did you know that you can also learn hypnosis? It is not just reserved for the hypnotists and hypnotherapists. You can add self hypnosis as a skill in your toolbox and greatly improve your life!

Speaking in a metaphor: Sometimes one only need to move a chair and not the whole couch, for these occasions self hypnosis is perfect, and if for the bigger occasions you can see a hypnotist to assist.

Self hypnosis training are available one on one as wel as group sessions.

The group sessions are very popular for corporates but are not limited to the corporate world, if you and a couple of friends are interested in self hypnosis or just want to become te best versions of who you are you can also join the group sessions.

"Hypnosis is a way to upgrade yourself!"
Jaco Pieterse

My Self Hypnosis Training Course Includes

  • Self Hypnosis Techniques 
  • Hypnotic Personal Development Strategies
  • Hypnotic Techniques to reach your Peak Performance 
  • Navigate Your Life with the help of your subconscious mind

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